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We stock all different types of Vintage Tweed Jackets & Preloved Tweed this includes,

Harris Tweed - About

To bear the exclusive Harris Tweed Mark, the tweed is handwoven on a treadle loom at each weavers home in the outer herbrides of Scotland.  Every jacket is 100% pure virgin wool. and then is sent out to Tweed clothing manufactures all around the world to make top quality tweed garments bearing the famous Harris Tweed Orb Authentic label.

Quality Never Goes Out Of Fashion - Our Discovery.

Every Vintage or used jackets we sell including Harris Tweed has been handpicked by ourselves to ensure the very best of quality. Some of the best brands of Harris Tweed we have had the pleasure of selling includes 

  •  Harris Tweed - Manufactures  of their own tweed jackets they often feature, wonderful tweed mixes, embossed Harris Tweed Lining.  quality stitching.

Mario Barutti -  A superfine 20% lighter Harris Tweed with one of the most complex and superior weave mixes you can ever buy. The jackets are a pure signature piece.  They also reflect extra quality with special embossed lining and Harris Tweed embossed buttons.

  • Walbusch Harris Tweed - This is a German company still in operation today, it is a family run business with attention to detail and quality, producing in our opinion some of the Best Harris Tweed Jackets Used and Vintage we have came across. Special features includes high quality weaves, embossed Walbusch lining and true quality.

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