Come and visit Live for Tweed we are located upstairs within building one and three, within Hemswell Antiques. 
We have a wide variety of vintage clothing, which includes Vintage Tweed Jackets, Harris Tweed Jackets, Vintage Overcoats, Vintage Waistcoats, Ladies Jackets, Field Coats and Vintage Country wear. 

Established in 1986, Hemswell Antiques is the biggest Antique Centre within the UK and one of the largest antique centres in Europe. 

Hemswell consists of four fully stock buildings selling a range of Antiques, Vintage furniture, Nostalgia, Memorabilia and Vintage Clothing. 

Visiting Hemswell Antiques makes a great family day out and whilst visiting you can have a spot of lunch from the restaurant located inside building one. 

You can learn more about Hemswell Antiques by visiting there website Europe's largest antiques centre - Hemswell Antique Centres ( 

Hemswell Antiques - Live for Tweed