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Swaine Adeney was said to founded in London in 1750, when a Saddler John Ross set up a whip manufactory in London Marylebone Street.  
Over the centuries, Swaine Adeney has perfected their traditional and sophisticated designs, rendering them a world-class British manufacturer of the highest quality with leather goods lasting generations.  

However, despite Swaine Adeney being an old hand at leather goods and beautiful suitcase, we are also privileged to come across some of the finest hunting, shooting or equestrian tweed jackets by Swaine Adeney. 
Browse through our vintage and second hand Swaine Adeney clothing as to find and wear this true quality brand represents the best of quality clothing. 
Buying Tips  
We recommend checking every image placed on the Live for Tweed website, to check the colour and condition and description. When considering purchasing one of our vintage or modern jackets or overcoats the most important factor to consider is to check is the measurements which is always in inches and to do this we would recommend if possible, checking it against a jacket you already own. These measurements are shown on the item description.