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The Bladen Supasax jacket has been in fashion since 1954. When George and Edward Bladen wanted to create a classic timeless jacket, they set out to do it. They eventually opened a shop in London, England, and began making their men's clothes from durable materials like woollen tweed. The result is the Bladen Supasax tweed jacket, which is popular with a wide range of age groups due to its versatility and timeless appeal.
In addition to using vintage clothing as inspiration, George and Edward also incorporated modern elements into their designs, making the Supasax even more diverse and versatile. The Supasax is distinctive for its mix of traditional and contemporary styles. It has quickly become a go-to piece for many fashion-conscious men seeking comfort and convenience. As a long-term piece of your outerwear wardrobe, this dressy-casual hybrid will stand the test of time with its sturdier woven material of durable tweed fabric.