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Looking to Sell Bulk Quantities of Clothing?



At Live for Tweed, we specialize in purchasing stock from various sources, including retailers, end-of-line suppliers, and individuals looking to dispose of bulk quantities of clothing.


We are particularly interested in acquiring menswear collections without visible faults or flaws. Our focus lies on premium brands such as Harris Tweed, Gurteen Esquire, Bob Parratt, Barbour Wax Jackets, Grenfell, and other high-quality tweed items.



**What We're Interested In:**

**Tweed Jackets:** From renowned brands like Harris Tweed, Brook Taverner, Gurteen Esquire, Daks, Hornes, Hackett, Derby Tweed, Keepers Tweed and many more top brands.

**Barbour Wax Jackets:** Quality men's waxed jackets.
**Field Coats:** Robust and stylish field coats that meet our standards.
**Waistcoats:** High-quality waistcoats that complement our collection.
**Shooting Suits:** Premium shooting suits that reflect craftsmanship and durability.


If you have bulk quantities of any of these items and are looking to sell, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Whether you're a retailer with excess inventory or an individual with a sizeable collection, we're interested in hearing from you.

Please reach out to us at to discuss potential further.


Please note we do not purchase singular items only bulk quantities.



Warm regards,

Live for Tweed