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As one of the world's most beloved fashion brands, Burberry has been a fashion staple since its conception in 1856, when Thomas Burberry opened his store in London. What started as an outdoor clothing company quickly became one of the most recognized names in fashion, particularly with its Burberry London lines. Classic British elegance is associated with Burberry London's signature Burberry check pattern and timeless designs. Known for its iconic and sought-after looks, Burberry London has a history dating back to Queen Victoria's reign.


Burberry has become synonymous with sophistication and sophistication since its inception in 1856. British luxury fashion company Burberry is renowned for its classic and timeless designs. Perhaps the most iconic item in Burberry's fashion line is the trench coat, first developed in the early 20th century to keep British soldiers warm in WWI. From there, it caught on among civilians, becoming a long-term part of the Burberry collection. A distinctive brown, beige or black coloured Trench Coat includes a belt, epaules and wide lapels. Today, Burberry is continuing to produce these clothes, in a variety of styles and designs, including quilted jackets, coats, dresses and other accessories. Due to their exquisite, timeless, classic designs, Burberry remains a staple in fashion and is guaranteed to maintain a timeless relevance for many years to come.


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