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Since the 18th century, men's tweed jackets have been a staple of British fashion, and Brook Taverner jackets have been synonymous with quality and style. Since 1912, Brook Taverner has produced a variety of top-quality men's tweed jackets, all of which are available in a variety of styles and designs.


Since 1912, Brook Taverner, an English clothing manufacturer based in Leeds, England, has been making and selling quality men's clothing. Tweed jackets, vintage jackets and blazers have been popular since the early 20th century. Brook Taverner was originally known as Taylor & Lodge until 1960 when it specialized in high-end clothing and the name was changed to Brook Taverner. Originally founded as Taylor & Lodge, the company was renamed Brook Taverner in 1980. It specializes in fine tweed jackets and other classic pieces for men and has become a leading luxury menswear brand. With their handcrafted products made from premium fabrics and traditional methods, every piece of clothing is of the highest quality. Founded in 1904, Brook Taverner is known for delivering timeless style and elegance with its garments.