The Tweeds We Sell




We source the finest vintage and modern tweed Jackets, waistcoats, overcoats, tweed and vintage suits and a full range of vintage and retro clothing within the UK.

Brands names of tweed jackets we sell include Harris TweedBrook Taverner, Gurteen Esquire, Bladon Supasax, St Michaels, Dunn & Co, Pytchley and many more.

Our full range of stock compromises of many tweed jackets are competitively priced, saving ££££'s against brand new. We sell all different types of vintage and modern tweed jackets including Harris Tweed and high branded tweeds, all are unique in there own special way.

A typical Harris Tweed jacket consists of different weaves including Herringbone, Multi Weave, Over check, Plaid and many more. All Harris Tweed wool was and is still today woven in the outer Hebrides in Scotland by islanders from there homes in their outbuildings of there homes.  Harris Tweed Jackets are renowned for being one of the best quality tweed jackets you can buy today, they are very well made and are of the highest quality and made to last. When we source and handpicking tweed jackets, we look for individual styles, weaves, superior weave and colour mixes, buttons and ideally with a view that knowing the tweed jacket can be worn for any occasion casual or smart to suit the modern day gentleman.

The most important thing when we source Harris Tweed and other tweed jackets is the condition and quality, some of the tweed jackets we sell can be dated from circ 1960's to today, but may of not been hardly worn and almost like new. This ensures a great customer satisfaction and repeat customers. 

We have a great range of tweed jackets so please feel free to take a browse through our stock.



Vintage Hunting Gamekeepers Jackets & Suits



These Vintage tweed suits was previously been worn by Gamekeepers or Country Gentleman for use with Riding, Shooting, Hunting. These tweed suits tend to be of a thicker weave including thornproof and Derby Tweed. The Vintage Suits & Jackets very rare but are exceptional quality from being handmade and can date from the 1950s 

The Vintage Suits and Gamekeepers Jackets we sell would have been handmade in their time and include classic features such as Shoulder Pleats, Ticket Pockets, Poachers Pockets. Double Vents, Shoulder Patches, Elbow Patches, Neck Lapel. 

All our Vintage Jackets and Suits would have been made from the very best of wool including Harris Tweed, Derby Tweed, Virgin New Wool, Scottish Tweed and Welsh Wool. Tailors who made these Vintage Suits and Jackets include Dunn & Co, John G Hardy, Pytchley, Brook Taverner, Sporting Saxony, Saxony Supreme, Vintage Harris Tweed Jackets, Vintage Country Tweed and many more. These Vintage Suits and Jackets are one of a kind pieces which in today's market, very difficult for us to source in pristine condition.


Wax Jackets & Vintage Barbour Jackets




The Barbour Jackets we sell date from approximately 1970's onwards and Barbour models include Bedale, Border, Gamekeepers, Beaufort, Northumbria, Solway Zipper and many more.

All the Barbour Jackets we sell are Used and in Very good to excellent condition. Barbour Jackets are one of the best outdoor jackets you can buy. Dating back to 1984 when the company was founded in South Shields by John Barbour. Today Barbour still manufacture there Barbour Jackets by hand in Simonside and supply to over 40 Countries worldwide. We really enjoy sourcing Used Barbour Jackets as we believe quality never goes out of fashion and they are a superb jacket for anyone to own.

As well as Barbour Jackets we also stock a range of traditional country wax jackets brands include McOrvis, Crane, Royal Spencer and many more. 


Ladies Vintage Tweed Jackets




We have now expanded their range in ladies Vintage Tweed Jackets this includes Daks, Pendletons, Barbour, Aquascutum, Burberry and general Vintage Ladies Hacking Jackets. 

Good quality Ladies Vintage Tweed jackets are very difficult to source as we have found that Ladies just don't want to let them go. When we are sourcing the Vintage Ladies Jackets, we look at not just the quality of the vintage jacket but the material it w made. Signs of a good ladies Vintage Jacket would of been made form Harris Tweed, Edinburgh Mill, Welsh and Scottish Wool and in today's market we we also look at modern ladies tweed jackets which may also include Joules, Chrysalis, Burberry, Yorkshire Tweed and many more. 



Vintage Waistcoats and other items




Live for Tweed also sell a range of handmade Vintage Waistcoats including Dunn & Co, Harris Tweed, Scottish Tweed, Derby Tweed, Foxley and many more.  

A lot of the Vintage Waistcoats are generally made from Wool or Moleskin with a Silk or Viscose Backing. 

When sourcing Vintage Waistcoats we again need to ensure that the quality is superb, but also with Vintage Waistcoats we look at popularity of preferred colours and fabric. Over the years the most popular Vintage Waistcoats include Mustard colour and Harris Tweed.