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We pride ourselves to be one of the best quality clothing retailers of secondhand, modern and vintage clothing online at Live for Tweed. The clothing we source includes men's and lady's tweed jackets, vintage overcoats, vintage waistcoats and many more vintage treasures. Clothing theme types include country tweed, themed jackets, quality vintage tweed clothing, country wax, field coats, shooting jackets, equestrian jackets ,hunting attire and much more. 
Millions of clothes are sent to landfill every year and we make it our mission to help reduce carbon emissions and the environment, combined with our passion for tweed and country clothing . 
Brands names of tweed jackets we sell include Harris Tweed, Brook Taverner, Gurteen Esquire, Bladen Supasax, St Michaels, Dunn & Co, Pytchley, Savile Row, Burton, Peter Christian  and many more.
Harris Tweed Jackets

Modern & Vintage Harris Tweed jackets are very popular at Live for Tweed. These jackets consist of different weaves including Herringbone, Multi Weave, Over check, Plaid and many more. All Harris Tweed wool is woven in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland by islanders.  Harris Tweed Jackets are renowned for being one of the best quality tweed jackets you can buy today. When sourcing tweed jackets, we look for individual styles, weaves, superior weave and colour mixes and ideally with a view that knowing the tweed jacket can be worn for any occasion casual or smart to suit the modern-day gentleman. 
We pride ourselves on quality and condition of all our clothing items. We check each and every item very carefully as some of our vintage tweed jackets we source have been bespoke, tailored, made to measure and can date back to 1960's to modern day. What is surprising is that some of our vintage clothing has hardly worn and almost like new. It may have been hung up in a wardrobe and only worn for special occasions This ensures a great customer satisfaction and confidence when purchasing from Live for Tweed.

Country, Shooting, Hunting, Equestrian Vintage Clothing  
Many of our customers are country life connoisseurs and enjoy and appreciate country themed clothing, whilst others see it as a necessity for outdoor wear. Certain types of country attire can be difficult to source especially vintage shooting and gamekeeper's tweed suits and jackets. Popular products include Keeper's Tweed, which is a thornproof versatile thick hard-wearing tweed, often made by a vintage brand Lyndon, Also, full or half style Norfolk Jackets made by Vintage brands such as Bladen Supasax, Sporting Saxony, Magee, Brook Taverner which tend to have shoulder pleats, Bi-swing rear back pleats and belted. 

Field coats – Country Coats 
We have now by popular request expanded our range into Field Coats. These are all second hand and all exemptional quality and condition.  
These field coats are often made from tweeds or wool and are designed to be weatherproof and waterproof either with a membrane or Teflon coated. They are perfect for the country outdoors including, shooting, fishing, equestrian, riding, walking and rambling or just simply for use in the garden.  
Brands include Hoggs of Fife, Alan Paine, Jackdaw, Saddle, Jack Orton, Royal Spencer, Grenfell, Barbour and many more. 

Ladies Modern, Vintage Jackets 
We have expanded our range and we know sell a good variety of ladies modern and vintage jackets and overcoats. Jacket types include, show jackets, hacking jackets. Vintage ladies' jackets and modern jackets.  Brands include Saddle Master, Equetech, Burberry, Aquascutum, Viyella, Harris Tweed, Marks & Spencer and many more.   

Ladies Vintage Tweed Jackets
Barbour Quilt & Wax Jackets 
The Barbour Jackets we sell date from approximately 1970's onwards and Barbour models include Bedale, Border, Gamekeepers, Beaufort, Northumbria, Solway Zipper and many more. 
Barbour Jackets are one of the best outdoor jackets you can buy. Dating back to 1894 when the company was founded in South Shields by John Barbour. Today Barbour still manufacture there Barbour Jackets by hand in Simonside and supply to over 40 Countries worldwide. Barbour have grew to be the number one supplier of quality wax jackets worldwide and let's not forget they are also popular with the Royal family, who have been wearing Barbour Jackets for many years. 
As well as Barbour Jackets we also stock a range of traditional country wax jackets brands include McOrvis, Crane, Royal Spencer, Blue Ribbon and many more.
Vintage Waistcoats 
Vintage Waistcoats is a perfect item to wear with any tweed jacket. Popular request for vintage waistcoats includes Keepers Tweed, Moleskin, Doeskin, Tweed Vintage Waistcoats. 
There are different designs to waistcoats, some have two or four pockets, some are collared, and some have 5- 6 buttons. Also, the traditional way of wearing a waistcoat is not with the last lower buttoned fastened,  
However, history wrote this tradition going back to king Edward VII from the early 1900s. He unbuttoned the bottom of his waistcoat because he was too fat. He unbuttoned the bottom of his jacket to pay homage to the riding jacket that suits replaced.  
Waistcoats don't have to be worn under jackets, in-fact most modern-day gentleman wear them without as they are an icon for smartness and style.  
Vintage Mens Waistcoats
Vintage Overcoats 
We stock some of the best quality vintage overcoats online. We sell different types of coats including Trench coats, Raincoats, Car Coats, Macs and many more. 
Overcoats back in their day was often handmade and tailored to fit. These overcoats would have been worn over a suit or thick undergarments, so please take into consideration what you will be wearing under the coat as they often size a lot larger than your actual size to allow room and be comfortable. Vintage brands include Harris Tweed, Dunn & Co, Austin Reed, St Michaels, Marks & Spencer, Burton, Pytchley, Lynton, Foxley, Vintage and Modern Aquascutum, Burberry and many more brands.   
These overcoats are either single or double breasted, heavy weighted and made with heavy weighted wool, to keep you warm and dry and to make the coat last a lifetime.