Live for Tweed is constantly expanding its collection of the highest quality vintage waistcoats, with fabrics ranging from moleskin, doeskin, wool, cotton, corduroy and tweed from popular brands like Harris Tweed, Brook Taverner, St Michaels, Dunn & Co, Donegal Tweed, Barbour, Joules, and Gurteen Esquire. A waistcoat is the perfect way to complete any fashionable look, and can be found in various designs, with some featuring two or four pockets, collars, and up to six buttons. This tradition dates back to the early 1900s with King Edward VII who was too large to button his waistcoat at the bottom, instead paying homage to the riding jackets that were replacing suits. Today, waistcoats can be worn both with and without jackets, as they symbolize a sense of style and smartness. At Live for Tweed, we stock both vintage and modern waistcoats, with new inventory coming in daily, and we're sure they will never go out of fashion.


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12 of 12 Items


We are sincerely grateful if you have shopped at Live for Tweed, as your purchase has done more than just offer a new home for a delightful clothing item; you have actively taken part in combating environmental issues. Your acquisition has hindered clothing from being sent to the landfill, thus diminishing waste and carbon dioxide, aiding the planet - so thank you, as we are passionate supporters of clothing recycling.