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In the category you will find a collection of modern and vintage branded Barbour Quilt, Wax, Modern and Vintage Barbour Jackets, Coats, Gilets, Inner lining and Barbour Shirts. 


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8 of 8 Items

Barbour Jackets & Overcoats 
Royal Warrant Holders, worn by the Royal Family, iconic Barbour Jackets perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. 
We stock a variety of Vintage & Modern Barbour wax and quilt Jackets, models include Border, Beaufort, Bedale, Northumbria, Bushman, Stockman, Burghley, International, Bristol, Lutz and many more. 
Cleaning Tips 
Wax Outer – Sponge Clean in cold water 
Inner Lining – Hand Clean with Warm water, but do not scrub as this can wear the cotton lining away. 
Rewax – Purchase Barbour Rewaxing, easily done by hand with care and patience. 
Barbour Repairs – Barbour will do any type of repairs including, sleeve replacements, zip replacements, reproofing which is a service we highly recommend. 
Buying Tips We recommend checking every image placed on the Live for Tweed website, to check the colour and condition and description. Vintage Barbour Jackets generally do have some type of general patina wear. We also recommend checking for holes and rips in any used Barbour Jacket which can easily be repaired by sending them to Barbour who offer a complete refurbishment service. 
After hand sourcing many Barbour Jackets the most common types of wear can be holes on the inner sleeves, wear to the inner cuffs, musty smells and a short sleeve length. Barbour Jackets are very popular for the county hunting shooting paternity, and it is very common to have a short sleeve Barbour jacket whilst to aid with shooting. 



Before you purchase any of our garments at Live for Tweed we recommend checking your measurements against a similar item you own or wear, this saves disappointment when your item arrives and it doesn’t fit. All measurements are taken with the garment laid down flat and relaxed and are approximate. 

Top Tip – Allow room for undergarments, on the occasion we do recommend a size to fit if it has been labelled as a small, medium or large. However, this can vary by individual dependant on undergarments worn and desired fit needed, so please check your measurements before purchasing. 
Top Tip – Sleeve length – This is often not checked and overlooked by customers and sleeve lengths can vary dependant on size. 



We wanted to say thank you if you have purchased from Live for Tweed as you have not just found a new home for a wonderful clothing item, you have helped with the environmental issues of today. By purchasing you have helped and stopped clothing going to landfill, which in return reduces wastage, carbon emissions, which has helped save the environment, so thankyou as we are strong believers in clothing recycling.