At Live for Tweed, one of our top brands is Barbour. We specialize in sourcing and selling some of the best preloved, second-hand and vintage Barbour jackets on the web. Our collection of Barbour items ranges from classic double-pocketed Bedale wax jackets to single and double crown Royal Warrant Barbour pieces. In addition, we offer rare finds such as the Solway Zippers, Barbour Northumbria, and Barbour Ventile - items which are highly sought after and often sold as soon as they become available.
Not to be forgotten, we source and offer a variety of Barbour quilts such as the Chelsea, Liddesdale, Eskdale, and International. If you have your eye on a specific Barbour item, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to add it to our watch list, so that you can be the first to know when it arrives in our inventory.


8 of 8 Items
8 of 8 Items

Barbour Jackets & Overcoats, proudly boasting the prestigious Royal Warrant Holder badge and widely favored by the Royal Family, have become iconic among those who relish the outdoors. Our selection of Barbour products encompasses a range of vintage and modern wax and quilt jackets, including the classic Border, Beaufort, Bedale, Northumbria, Bushman, Stockman, Burghley, International, Bristol, and Lutz models.
To properly care for your Barbour product, a sponge cleaning with cold water is advised for the wax outer layer, and a hand cleaning with warm water for the inner lining. Scrubbing should be avoided, however, to preserve the cotton. Additionally, rewaxing can be easily done with the purchase of Barbour rewaxing and careful, patient execution. The company itself offers a refurbishment service for repairs, such as sleeve replacements and zip replacements.
When buying a Barbour Jacket, customers should thoroughly inspect the images placed on the Live for Tweed website to check the colour, condition, and description. Vintage Barbour Jackets may contain a general patina wear, while it is also wise to look out for any potential holes and rips that could require the product to be sent to Barbour for repair. Moreover, a frequent occurrence when it comes to these sought-after garments is that the sleeve length can be shorter than expected, likely due to their immense popularity among country and shooting enthusiasts.




Before buying any item from our Live for Tweed store, we highly suggest that you measure a similar garment you already own or wear for accurate results. All measurements for our items are based on when the garment is laid flat and relaxed, and may be an approximation. We may occasionally recommend a certain size to fit a small, medium or large size label, however, this could depend on the fit needed, and what type of undergarments are being worn, so be sure to check your measurements first. Additionally, one often forgotten element is the sleeve length, which may vary from size to size - make sure to take this into consideration as well.

Top Tip – Allow room for undergarments, on the occasion we do recommend a size to fit if it has been labelled as a small, medium or large. However, this can vary by individual dependant on undergarments worn and desired fit needed, so please check your measurements before purchasing. 
Top Tip – Sleeve length – This is often not checked and overlooked by customers and sleeve lengths can vary dependant on size. 




We are sincerely grateful if you have shopped at Live for Tweed, as your purchase has done more than just offer a new home for a delightful clothing item; you have actively taken part in combating environmental issues. Your acquisition has hindered clothing from being sent to the landfill, thus diminishing waste and carbon dioxide, aiding the planet - so thank you, as we are passionate supporters of clothing recycling.