Burberry is one of our favourite products and is hugely in demand on the Vintage marketplace making it very difficult to source. Previous Burberry we have sold includes Vintage Burberry overcoats, trench coats, vintage tweed jackets and much more.The most popular versions which sell the quickest are the vintage overcoats with Burberrys most famous Nova Check lining. These vintage Burberrys immediately sell as they go online for sale. Please use our contact us page and get in touch and when one does become available you will be the first to know. 
Buying Tips 
We recommend checking every image placed on the Live for Tweed website, to check the colour and condition and description. When considering purchasing one of our jackets or overcoats the most important factor to consider is to check is the measurements which is always in inches and to do this we would recommend if possible, checking it against a jacket you already own. These measurements are shown on the item description. 
Burberry Jackets are an investment for the future, so if you have one then please keep it and look after it. Wear it with pride as quality never goes out of fashion. You can use this widget to input text into the page.