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Harris Tweed 
Harris Tweed Jackets is one of our most favourite  and popular tweed jacket brands, Harris Tweed is made and woven to last a lifetime and never goes out of fashion. 
Harris Tweed cloth is woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, by family's who have passed down this tradition for generations and woven by hand or by wool looms. Harris tweed prefer this traditional method as it’s a unique selling point within their brand and once woven it is then returned to the Harris Tweed Factory to be shipped worldwide or to make Harris Tweed Jackets. 
There are several different types of Harris Tweed Weaves known as Herringbone, Barleycorn, Windowpane, Shetland, Donegal, Overcheck just to name a few. 
There are also many popular tailors of Harris Tweed including Dunn & Co, Peter Christian, Mario Barutti, Moores, Crofters, St Michaels, Burton, Next, Donegal Tweed and many more. 
Each Harris Tweed jacket holds the official Harris Tweed labels which indicates the licence number as all over the world Harris Tweed jackets are made. However, to bear the licence tailors and manufactures of these fine tweed jackets must reach a pass rate exam mark to bear the Harris Tweed brand name. At Live for Tweed we stock a mixure of modern and second hand Harris Tweed jackets, so browse through our range of tweed jackets and you will be astonished by the quality and condition of all of our Harris Tweed Jackets, as we are recognised as one of the best online retailers of superb quality vintage clothing by our customers. We also recommend browsing our other vintage clothing stock which includes top quality tweed jackets including Brook Tavener, Bladen Supasax, Gurteen Esquire. We also stock a range of different types of vintage overcoats, Waistcoats, Ladies Jackets, Wax Jackets, Fieldcoatsand much more.
Buying Tips 
We recommend checking every image placed on the Live for Tweed website, to check the colour and condition and description. When considering purchasing one of our jackets or overcoats the most important factor to consider is to check is the measurements which is always in inches and to do this we would recommend if possible, checking it against a jacket you already own. These measurements are shown on the item description.