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Hucklecoat is a brand wish is very desirable at Live for Tweed, they make superb tweed jackets, field coats and gilets. Unfortunately, it is a brand which is difficult to source and hard to find. Hucklecote offer the highest quality of fabrics and weaves, combined with weatherproof technology to provide protection against the harsh outdoor environment, the garments are made to last and beat all weather conditions, making their clothing highly desirable to the outdoor person and the sporting person who enjoys shooting, walking, hunting, fishing.  
Buying Tips 
We recommend checking every image placed on the Live for Tweed website, to check the colour and condition and description. When considering purchasing one of our jackets or overcoats the most important factor to consider is to check is the measurements which is always in inches and to do this we would recommend if possible, checking it against a jacket you already own. These measurements are shown on the item description. 
Please don’t hesitate in purchasing a Hucklecoat if we do have one in stock as once it's gone its gone and there may not be another in the same style or weave for a while.