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Vintage clothing from Austin Reed is a timeless and classic look that has been around for decades. Founded in 1900, Austin Reed has a long and storied history in the fashion world, providing generations of stylish men and women with quality garments. From its humble beginnings as a small haberdashery in London, to becoming one of the largest tailoring houses in the world, Austin Reed has continued to produce beautiful vintage clothing for over 100 years.


In the modern era, Austin Reed continues to be a leader in vintage clothing. Their iconic styles have been recreated and revamped to meet the demands of today's fashion-forward consumer. In recent years, they've launched collections that feature classic menswear items such as three-piece suits, tailored trousers and sports jackets. For ladies, they offer a range of dresses, blouses, skirts and coats that feature timeless silhouettes with modern touches.
In 2020, Austin Reed celebrated its 125th anniversary with the launch of a special capsule collection. This limited-edition line featured vintage pieces from the brand's archives, including a 1970s-style velvet smoking jacket and a pinstripe trouser suit from the 1950s. The pieces paid homage to Austin Reed's rich heritage and celebrated their ongoing commitment to classic design and quality craftsmanship.