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A country coat by Chrysalis Clothing Company is a go-to choice for many seeking stylish, practical clothing that stands out.
A camping trip with friends in 2009 inspired the company's founder, Michael Liggett, to create a brand based on his love of the outdoors. Creating unique, well-made garments that combined fashion and function quickly led to success for him.
The company's signature product, a cotton blend Fieldcoat, is both stylish and comfortable.


It features a durable cotton shell, along with warm insulation, making it perfect for both casual and outdoor adventures. With adjustable cuffs and internal pockets, these coats are built to last. Furthermore, they have a water-resistant finish to repel light rain and snow.
In addition to keeping you warm, dry and looking your best, Chrysalis Clothing's coats are made to last. Every style and preference can be accommodated with a range of colours and sizes.